According to well-respected robotics and automation executive, Jim Lawton, the answer is yes! Zebra has the ability to deliver “automation for all” businesses, regardless of size or industry.

In this 15-minute podcast interview, Jim shares his thoughts on:

  • Zebra’s pioneering innovation in the automation space.
  • The evolution of robotics automation in the last five years and where he thinks the technology is heading.
  • Why it’s important to make automation solutions accessible to businesses of all sizes in all industries as quickly as possible and how Zebra hopes to propel collaborative robotics and software automation strategy into the mainstream.
  • How the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting the adoption of collaborative robotics and software automation solutions, particularly among supply chain organizations. 
  • The May 1977 movie that inspired him to get into robotics.
  • The one daily practice that he has found to be most rewarding (besides building robots).
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