In her Q4 Action report, Natalie Bodus talks about Zebra’s measured progress toward building a culture of belonging and explains how to identify and eliminate performative actions to become a better ally to employees, customers, and community members. Listen to it now then visit the Your Edge Blog to learn more about Zebra's commitment to inclusion and diversity.

In the latest episode of That Supplies Show, we explain the qualities to look for when choosing thermal ribbons so you can keep operations running optimally through peak season – and all year long. Listen now then learn more on the Your Edge Blog.

In our latest episode of “That Supplies Show,” we reveal the real reason why your RFID reader might not be connecting with your label/tag. Listen now then visit the Your Edge Blog for more information on on-metal RFID solutions.

Zebra’s Chief Security Officer Mike Zachman explains how you can “Do Your Part and #BeCyberSmart” in this age of constant threats. 

Mike, who was just named to CISO’s Top 100 CISO (C100) list, spends his days monitoring for vulnerabilities, tracking new threats, and recommending new strategies and tactics for Zebra as well as our partners and customers. So, we asked him to give us an honest assessment of the current cyber climate and what types of threats could become most concerning in the coming months. He also explains what you can do to protect your company and customer data against bad actors.  

We sat down with Suresh Menon for a revealing conversation about what Zebra is trying to do to help retailers, consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies and possibly even healthcare organizations predict the future. Listen now then visit the Your Edge blog to learn more.

In this latest interview, Natalie Bodus shares the best practices her team relies on to attract diverse talent, create an equitable company culture and elevate Zebra as a top workplace. Many could prove beneficial to your organization, too. Listen now then learn more about Zebra's inclusion and diversity initiatives on the Your Edge blog.


In our latest episode of That Supplies Show, we talk about the “glue” that keeps everything together – and tell you how to avoid sticky situations with customers, regulators and supply chain partners. Listen now then visit the Your Edge blog for more tips on how to get the most out of your supplies investment.

Thinking about increasing your safety stock, tech spend, or vendor relationships to ensure on-time delivery to customers? Two supply chain experts explain what it really takes to regain control of your small business operations. Listen now then visit the Your Edge blog for small business advice.

Robotics automation experts Jim Lawton and Melonee Wise give the scoop on why Zebra found Fetch to be a perfect match and where the two companies go together from here. We also learned a lot about Melonee and her journey in the robotics space. Listen now then visit the Your Edge blog for more information about the acquisition.

In our first episode of “That Supplies Show,” Christine Weber sits down with Supplies Application Architect Kelly Breneisen to uncover what happens when you have a need for speed – and information – but your RFID chip’s memory is lacking. Listen now then visit the Your Edge blog for more insights on how to choose the right supplies for your labeling, RFID and other printing applications.

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