World-renowned automation experts Melonee Wise and Jim Lawton analyze the robotics innovations that have resulted from Zebra’s acquisition of Fetch. They also reveal what new robot solutions you can expect to see in the future.  Listen now then visit the Your Edge Blog to learn more about Melonee, Jim and the work Zebra and Fetch teams are doing.

While it can be difficult to prioritize CSR when you’re just trying to keep your business from derailing, maintaining focus may be the best way to stay on track. Experts explain why. Tune in now then visit the Your Edge blog for more CSR best practices.

In addition to sharing the scoop on some unique new technology use cases in the food and beverage industry, my guests dish on what quick serve restaurant owners are doing in the kitchen – and in their supply chains – to show food lovers like you and I that we can trust the quality and safety of our dine-in and take-out meals. Listen now then visit the Your Edge Blog to learn more about the technologies they discussed.

Donato Montanari discusses Zebra’s plans to both simplify and scale machine vision applications specific to robot guidance, 3D inspections, and other business-critical capabilities in today’s complex supply chains. Listen now then check out more about Zebra's vision for machine vision and fixed industrial scanning solutions on the Your Edge blog. 


The NFL Draft reminded us that there really is no such thing as an “off season” in the pros. Chalk Talk co-hosts Hale Hentges and Adam Petrus have been digging into the NFL and college player stats to see how things might shake out in the Fall as rosters shape up. Tune in now to hear their expert opinions then visit the Your Edge Blog to catch up on past episodes.


Today’s supply chain operations are dynamic and data driven. But so are today’s industrial automation solutions, as we’ll prove to you in the newIndustrial Automation Insider podcast series. Tune into the first episode now. 


Want more expert insights on industrial automation? Visit the Your Edge Blog.

Oh, how far Melonee Wise has come since her first robot, which was inspired by a 1980’s catalog and held together with household items. Hear about her journey (and her advice for future roboticists). 

If we want to help others, we must first understand them. Likewise, we must seek inspiration from leading best practices and act with intentionality to advance our own internal inclusion and diversity journey. Find out how Zebra employees are doing both.

RFID and Bluetooth Low Energy Technology can be used to control access, coordinate movements around heavy machinery and help ensure common tools don’t become hazards – and that’s just the start. Listen now to find out how technology can help you keep workers safe. Then visit the Your Edge Blog to learn more about the discussed technology.

Plus, my co-host and former NFL pro Hale Hentges reveals why you should never call an NFL hopeful in the three days leading up to the draft. Tune in now then catch up on past episodes or learn more about our work with the NFL on the Your Edge Blog.

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