As our panel of experts explain, there is a lot that can be learned – and applied – from other temperature-sensitive vaccination efforts throughout history. Listen to the podcast and then visit the Your Edge blog to learn more about vaccine vial monitor (VVM) technology and our panel of experts:

Zebra board member, Ross Manire, talks about the operational, financial and technological changes that companies must manage in the evolving economic climate. Listen to the podcast now then read the blog post for more insights.

In this exclusive podcast interview, you’ll hear how Zebra’s first-to-market rugged Android 10 leadership and ongoing development of future-ready Android mobility solutions are giving customers a competitive advantage. Listen to it now then read the accompanying blog post for more details about Zebra's Android 10 portfolio rollout: 

Find out why his career took such a turn – and then took off – in this exclusive podcast interview. Then read the accompanying blog post for more background on his recent awards.


Malicious acts aren’t the only thing you need to worry about. Employee mistakes can also lead to device and data breaches. Zebra's Chief Security Officer Mike Zachman explains in this new interview.

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As a Zebra board member, former Accenture CIO and volunteer firefighter, Frank Modruson has been both a benefactor and beneficiary of numerous enterprise technologies. Find out which ones are most valuable today, in his opinion. Listen to the podcast now then subscribe to the Your Edge blog for alerts when we publish more insightful discussions such as this.

As Zebra's Chief Security Officer, Mike Zachman, explains in this podcast, there are many strategies and tools that can be employed to eliminate vulnerabilities and minimize security risks as technology use increases. Listen now then visit the Your Edge Blog for more security-related insights.


In this exclusive interview, experts from Zebra and IOTA answer your burning questions about blockchain, Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and the role they play in facilitating trusted data exchanges in various supply chain scenarios, including cross-border trade. Listen now then read the blog to learn more about the work Zebra and IOTA are doing in this space to support customers and build trust.

Find out from two of Zebra’s experts how the circular economy model works and how it can economically benefit participants while boosting sustainability efforts. More details are also shared on the Your Edge blog here.


Want a better way to track, trace, locate or count inventory, assets or even people within your supply chain or facilities? You may want to take a closer look at (low cost) UHF RFID technologies. Zebra’s RFID expert Chris Schaefer explains why in this latest podcast episode and accompanying blog post.

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